So many ideas, so little time!
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Changes at Globster!! You should sign up now!!

This is what I want this to look like :)

Yoga & Brain Gym information

Maybe could be used for social stories?? Looks interesting - The Grimace Project

Great free site for flowcharts - great for IWB

Interesting graphic from VisualBlooms


Links ot a HUGE variety of web2.0 tutorials/link/
including podcasting, blogging, AND MANY more!

If you are interested in trying some new things with your iwb you may want to participate in this project or just follow it.
2010 Interactive Whiteboard Project

Please post your link here - together we are stronger/smarter/cooler!

Intro to Prezi - great tutorial -you can press autoplay on "more" and it will run through by itself

5 Minute with Chris Lehmann!

Please IGNORE the title - This is 10 tools in 10 minute presentation giving at SMARTboard Users Group Meeting

Dare to dream....

link to Chris Lehman - in school tech is like oxygen, invisible, necessary ** love this guy**

Do you believe? Inspirational video about believing in things!


Compare Wiki's - choose the one that works best for you

Interesting video from New Brunswick

This is a great 3 minutes

Feburary 25, 2010
SMARTboard User Group Meeting
@ Fort Rupert Elementary School

Never say I didn't give air time to those who disagree with me

Why I Hate IWB article


Top 10 TED talks for educators

Presentation in Comox by Dr. Courosa about tech in classroom
twitter explained and various other web 2.0 ideas - about 80 minutes

you can use elluminate to watch these sessions this weekend
I justed watched 2 amazing sessions on leadership..... Wow I love the world we live in!

Let's Brainstorm for our meetings in February

User Group meetings in Feb -- look/leave note on page

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How about an eProD meeting kinda like Book Club - come watch something worthwhile online
This was a great morning

Extend Learning from langwitches on Vimeo.

Taking learning off the page

This is a very interesting blog post about resource

Article about monitors that can make any surface a IWB

Whiteboards' Impact on Teaching Seen as Uneven

January 08, 2010 by Kathleen Kennedy Manzo
While experts see whiteboards as powerful tools for improving instruction, teachers vary widely in their ability to use them effectively.