**HERE** is a sticky note template I made for word attack skills

Children's songs with words

Youtube has great reading video clips


This is a great wiki with lots of resources for UDLTONS, of linksHere


May have already seen this, but looks interesting

Early Primary - great for introducing writing stories to kids

Writing Program - Lightening Bug

You can sign up for a newsletter that will give you ideas for using tech in the classroom - for primary teachers

Free Flashcards

New Guess the Covered Word activity created by wlingle which she shared on SMARTboard Revolution ning - about Grade 2 level

Look under "Manage Wiki" and "Files" I will name it
GuesstheCovered Word
Also here!

100 Best (Free) Science Documentaries Online


This is another cool link - make posters and post to wikki or blog

This is SSOOOOOOOO neat - can't wait to try to animate my kids pics of their pets

Read books online - quite impressive on a projector or SB

Greatest lesson today on word families

brainstormed words that belonged in the family, typed them into Wordle (wordle.com) then create word cloud. Printed the cloud out in black and white, had kids colour in as I did it on the smartboard. Everyone was engaged -- wonderful lesson!

So I have been using the SB for my Making Words lessons and have the first couple of lessons made for the board. I will upload them under files as Phonics they Use -lesson # and the quickest way to edit them is to just clone the squares and type in new letters. Not rocket science, but could save someone some time. I see that they are missnamed - oh well they are from the yellow book and the first 6 lessons - 5 seems to be missing, but the others can be edited

More Phonics They Use lessons
also after you make the words you can write the word with the pen and if you write it fast enough the word will become an object and you can then sort the written words for the "sort" section of the lesson -- if not you may have to group the letters to create one object and then they can be moved