My work is done!

Check out these TONS of links to various subjects

This is a great tool you might want to use. I use it for prewriting activities a lot. Easy enough for Grade 1's to use

Site with lots of SMARTboard lessons - also good explanation of what is one sites

Cool wiki for info about 2.0 tools
This is a link about using Google Docs with students

100 Best (Free) Science Documentaries Online

This is an interesting slide show that has some great websites to use in the classroom
It looks like there is a good variety of games that could be used in both the elementary and secondary setting

This ning has a few interesting links on it, seems to be mostly primary

K teacher blog with GREAT LINKS!

This wiki has some interesting links on it

Informative site created by BC educator - has info on it about various web tools

Interactive clock

Looks like some great math lessons/resources,index

I would suggest joining this so many people with sooooo many solutions!

Algebra resources

Things I really don't understand but could be helpful

Great blog and her twitter update is a something different daily
Looks mostly elementary stuff

Ideas for using google WAVE in classroom

Idea bank for sessions

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